Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Web design in Arizona

Downtown Digital has been designing websites for business in Arizona for over 7 years. We have built sites for both large and small clients and find that the one thing everyone wants to do is save money. So all the developers at Downtown Digital got together and put together a plan that can save our clients money by speeding up our development and delivery time and thus save our clients money.

As we mentioned before, Downtown Digital's main goal is constancy and achieving consistency across all pages of a website is most effectively done using CSS as a main design element. Using the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is one of the easiest ways to make quick global changes to your site. You can change fonts, images, tables, cell colors, buttons or almost anything else that you would like.

To make a change, you edit your style sheet and your change takes effect across all pages in your site.

I can not tell you how the use of CSS has made development at Downtown Digital easier. Throughout the U.S. and Arizona, we have applied our web design concepts to some very effective websites.


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